Sana Kashimura
Sana Kashimura is the central character of the Alice & Zouroku manga/anime series, and is a girl with the ability to teleport and create things she can imagine. She was being studied at a secret research facility until she decided to escape, and crosses paths with a grumpy Zouroku, who decided to take her in.
Kashimura Sana
Sana after Sanae dresses her up.
Kanji 樫村 紗名(かしむら さな)
Romaji Kashimura Sana
Also Known As Red Queen (Aka no Jouou)
Age (game) unknown
Age (anime) 8-10
Birthday December 7 (estimated date that first appeared on earth)
Horoscope sagittarius
Gender Female
Relatives Kashimura Zouroku (foster grandfather), Kashimura Sanae (foster sister)
Anime Debut Ep.1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Seiyuu Hitomi Ōwada (Japanese)




Generally, Sana is a very curious and caring girl. In the first arc of the story, Sana is a sheltered girl who can be arrogant and uppity, due to her upbringing in the research lab. When she met Zouroku, she asked him to form a contract with her as servant in exchange for a wish of anything. This shows that Sana can be ambitious and giving.

After becoming a part of the Kashimura family, she becomes a more righteous person. Although she does continue to have her immature, prideful personality, bragging how well she has become or in the outcomes of her tasks. Sana also becomes hard working, helping out with chores and studying.

Abilities Edit

True to her nickname "The Red Queen", Sana has probably the strongest ability after "The Red King".

Sana could summon and create anything out of desire. Sana once summoned Zouroku to her rescue. She is also able to teleport herself. In addition, Sana once read Zouroku's background through her ability. Hence, her ability can be described as omnipotent compared to the rest. Her only weakness is her physical abilities. Sana gets tired very easily after walking or running for 10 mins. Hatori also pointed out her fists are not that powerful during their fight.

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